TIME ATAC MX6 Pedals - $107.96

We don't have to tell you that XC pedals aren't made for the big hits and challenges of enduro and downhill riding. Instead, you need an ample pedal platform with a dependable level of retention. But, as we're sure that you've discovered, not all pedals are capable of providing both. That's why TIME adapted its ATAC design concept to the harsher side of mountain biking with the ATAC MX6 Pedals. Now, you'll benefit from a broad platform, massive float, and dependable engagement. And while its name, ATAC, carries an alluring connotation of 'attacking' climbs and downhills alike, we assure you that this title carries weight beyond a French acronym translation. In fact, 'ATAC' actually stands for TIME's Auto Tension Adjust Concept. Essentially, this design utilizes a dual-arch retention system that makes engagement a predictable affair, regardless of trail conditions. Additionally, the frontal points of the retention system have been designed to shed dirt and mud, making the aforementioned action even easier. TIME has also incorporated a low spring-tension, which causes less friction in less than ideal conditions. So, once again, TIME has made cleat engagement with the MX6 that much easier. And once you're clipped in, your knees will benefit from TIME's trademark float. The MX6 features an angular float of +/- five degrees, and an available lateral movement of 6mm. Additionally, the pedals have a wide release angle of either 13 or 17 degrees. So, when coupled with the MX6's ultra-wide platform, all of this amounts to a maximum degree of freedom on your pedaling platform during technical downhill sections. As for the construction of the MX6, you'll find that TIME placed its focus on durability. The pedal axles feature an oversized design, and they've been constructed of steel chrome. Meanwhile, the body of the pedal strikes a balance between strength and weight by using a carbon composite construction. - $107.96