TIME ATAC MX 4 Pedals - $75.00

Ready to do battle with the world's harshest mountain trail environments, the Time ATAC MX 4 Pedal isn't messing around. It's easy to see from the oversized chrome steel axle and the large platform area that the MX 4 takes its job very, very seriously. Time's ATAC (Auto Tension Adjust Concept) line of pedals follows the design principles of their road line. Simple design, easy engagement, plenty of float. The ATAC pedals were always seen as an alternative to Shimano mainly because you didn't need to fuss with figuring cant on the cleats, because the pedals were much harder to jam with mud, and because the spring tension never needs to be adjusted. The one adjustment the user can make is whether the release angle is 13 or 17 degrees. And this is done by running the cleats one way or in reverse. While the Time ATAC may look similar to the younger Crank Brother's pedals, the spring design is inherently different, offering consistent cleat retention regardless of what happens to the bottom of the pedal. Another advantage over pedals of similar float in the mountain bike world is the tension of the ATAC system: offering a more consistent release, and a more stable feeling underfoot.The Time ATAC MX 4 Composite Pedal is compatible with any standard crank system. It comes in Black. - $75.00