Tim Grounds Championship Calls Bad Grammer Goose Calling Instructional Cd - $24.99

Scott Threinen's double CD is the best goose calling tool on the market. If ever there was a great class called "Goose Calling 101" this would be it. You'll learn new concepts and new delivery techniques. In Tim Grounds' 35 years in the industry, he believes Threinen's Bad Grammer CD is the best instructional material he's ever heard. It will let you hear real geese as he explains each sound they make. There's a few good laughs along the way too. It should be a requirement for every calling judge to listen to so they will become familiar with and understand all the goose talk out there. If you are serious about learning to call a goose, this Bad Grammer CD is for you. Running time 100 mins. - $24.99