Tilley Winter Hat - $24.83

The Tilley Winter hat comes from our friends from the north who know how to stay warm during those long Canadian winters. Wool hat insulates efficiently and breathes to regulate temperature for outstanding comfort in wide-ranging conditions. Downward slope of the brim, both front and back, protects your forehead and back of neck from rain, wind and snow. Forehead/earwarmer flaps fold down so you can add a layer of warmth when the wind kicks up and temperatures drop. Oval brim provides ample shade, rain and snow protection for face, ears and back of neck; it's structured to maintain its shape. Hat offers excellent UV protection with a UPF 50 rating-the maximum rating given. Hidden rip-and-stick pocket in the crown stows ID, hotel key or money; has sewn-in tag for your name and telephone number should hat become lost. Soft, comfortable Hydrofil(R) brow band absorbs sweat and wicks it away for quick evaporation. Tweak your size with the rip-and-stick adjustment device that circles the internal headband. Tilley Winter hat is coated with a snow and stain repellent. Wipe off dirt with damp cloth; dry clean when necessary. - $24.83