Tightlines 40-Piece UV Assortment - Natural (UV KIT W) - $19.99

Dive em to the bottom, fish see these UV-reflective baits four to seven times better than conventional plastics. Tightlines has puts two colors into each soft bait, one gathers natural sunlight like a conventional bait, and the other powers up your bait by reflecting ultraviolet light. Since UV rays make up to 80% of the light in shallow water and 100% of the light in deep water, this advancement will have more fish seeing and striking your bait. Includes: Two Lizards Two Venkos Two Tubes Two Grubs Two Double-Tail Grubs Four Hogs Four Trailers Four Beavers Four Craws Six Crappie Baits Eight Worms Size: UV KIT W. Color: Natural. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Type: Kits. - $19.99