Tifosi Optics Dolomite 2.0 Photochromic Sunglasses - $62.96

Tifosi makes sunglasses that perform flawlessly when you're running trail, hammering out a century, or fast-packing to a peak deep in the mountains. The Dolomite 2.0 Photochromic Sunglasses were created as a robust, highly adaptable option to some of Tifosi's more lightweight shades. When you slip these sunglasses on, you'll notice the contoured frames lines and the soft nose and temple pads. Tifosi used high-impact materials in both the frame and the lenses, which is a nice touch for athletes who occasionally push the boundaries a little to hard. The photochromic lenses are a small miracle of engineering. Variable tint technology allows these lenses to automatically adjust to changing light conditions. In bright, direct light the tint grows darker and in dark, overcast conditions, the tint becomes much lighter. You'll never have to squint at the sun or strain your eyes to see in the shadows, and you'll never have to swap lenses again. The advantage of photochromic technology is massive, and when coupled with vents in each lens, you're treated to the most dynamic, fog-free optics from Tifosi.Tifosi's line of sunglasses has rapidly expanded since the brand was born in 2003. Among the lineup you'll find open-frame, interchangeable sunglasses like the Veloce, and single-lens, closed-frame models like the Torrent. While both of these sunglasses (and others in the line) offer benefits similar to the Dolomite 2.0 Photochromic, the Dolomite features the most robust, closed-frame design and the only dual-vent lenses. Although the Dolomite does offer you the option to swap lenses if necessary, photochromic technology eliminates the need. - $62.96