Tifosi Optics Altar Photochromic Sunglasses - $69.95

Since 2003, Tifosi has perfected the craft of creating performance sunglasses and high-quality optics. Designed for the cyclist, the runner, and the endurance athlete, the Altar Photochromic Sunglasses are the latest example of Tifosi's decade-long dedication to its mission. Streamlined from front to back, the contoured frame of the Altar is like a missile designed to cut through the air. Adjustable nose pads feel comfortable against the bridge of your nose, and soft arm pads sit softly against your temples. Just above each eye is a small frame cutout shaped to move air behind the lens so it can carry moisture away from your face and save you from foggy vision.The photochromic lens is a small miracle of engineering. Variable tint technology allows this lens to automatically adjust to changing light conditions. In bright, direct light the tint grows darker and in dark, overcast conditions, the tint becomes much lighter. You'll never have to squint at the sun or strain your eyes to see in the shadows, and you'll never have to swap lenses again. The advantage of photochromic technology is massive, and when coupled with the frame vents, you're treated to the most dynamic, fog-free optical experience Tifosi sunglasses have to offer.Tifosi's line of performance sunglasses has rapidly expanded since the brand's inception. Among the lineup you'll find ultralight, open-frame shades like the Podium, and more robust, dual-lens models like the Tempt. While the Podium offers a similar wide-reaching, single-lens coverage and the Tempt brings an interchangeable platform and vented lens design to the table, the Altar combines both of these qualities into a robust but moderately lightweight frame. And although the Altar does offer you the option to swap lenses if necessary, photochromic technology eliminates the need. - $69.95