Tie Down Dock System Hardware - $7.88

Tie Down dock hardware is designed for use with 1-1/2" thick lumber (minimum width 6"). All hardware should be mounted with carriage bolts. All male and female dock-to-dock 3/8" connections are made with either 3/4" bolts with lock nuts (Item M) or 3/4" connecting pin (Item N). (A) Outside Corner (Female) Features two 1/2" welded tabs. Use with a male outside corner. Each leg is 10"L x 5"H.(B) Outside Corner (Male) One 1/2" welded tab. Use with a female outside corner to connect docks end to end. Joint requires 3/4" bolt set or connector pin. Each leg is 10"L x 5"H.(C) Outside Corner EndUse this corner at ends of fingers and docks. Ideal for swim floats and ski jump corners. Each leg is 10"L x 5"H.(D) Inside CornerThis heavy-duty inside corner should be used with one of the outside corners. Each leg has elongated holes for easy fit-up and is 8-1/4"L x 5"H.(E) AngleUse this heavy-duty angle for all cross supports. Each leg measures 2-1/2"L x 5"H.(F) Female T-ConnectorHas two welded 1/2" tabs. Bolts to side of dock to attach fingers and ramps. Measures: 5"L x 5"H.(G) Male T-ConnectorConnector has one welded 1/2" tab, and it must be used with the female T-connector to attach fingers and ramps. Use two washer plates with each angle. A 3/4" galvanized hexhead bolt set must be used with the joint. Measures: 5"L x 5"H.(K) 3" Pipe HolderBolts to outside of dock. Carriage bolt set required for attaching (Item H). Use 2" pipe to hold dock in place.(M) Connector Pin SetFor quick disconnect. Used to connect male and female connectors. Galvanized, 3/4" connector pin and hitch clip pin. - $7.88