Thule Raceway 3 Bike Rack - $260.96

You might have tried trunk racks in the past and written them off, but the Thule Raceway 3 Bike Rack is here to change that. Easy to install, easy to store, and a snap to mount bikes to, this rack securely holds up to three road bikes. Anti-sway cradles and ratcheting cables keep your bikes from swaying and swinging around and a lockable cable (bike to carrier and carrier to car) fends off sticky-fingered thieves. Your old trunk rack is now history.Sure-Tight ratcheting cables secure your bike to the rack FitDial adjusts the angle of the top and bottom rack supports to match the size and shape of your trunk so you get the most secure fit Rubber pads protect your car's paint from the scratches from the top and bottom supports of the rack Cradle cages prevent your bikes from swaying and swinging into each other (or your car) in the rack Narrow cradle arms hold a variety of bike frame shapes and sizes, including children's bikes Cable lock secures bikes to the carrier and the carrier to the vehicle Locks are included - $260.96