Thule Gateway Rack 2 Bike - $134.95

Mount a pair of bikes on the Thule Gateway Rack 2 Bike and hit the road with a backup ride securely hanging behind your compact or full-size car. Long dual arching tubes clear small trunk spoilers while providing some breathing room between your pedal powered vehicle and car. Strong nylon straps secure the bike rack around your trunk lid so installation is quick for those spur-of-the-moment road trips. In the off-season, fold this rack flat and stash it in your trunk or a shelf in your garage, the Gateway takes up minimal space unlike other more complicated systems.Long arcing rack tubes clear low-profile car spoilers and a larger variety of trunks FitDial and Quick-Fit lever create a secure fit that's easy loosen or tighten without tools Cinch Lever independently adjusts the bike arms for a fit specific to each frame Padded Stay-Put cradles grasp your bike's frame in the front and rear without scratching the finish - $134.95