Thule Archway Rack 2 Bike - $170.96

There are three problems with trunk-mount bike racks. They damage your car's finish, they allow your bikes to swing into each other, and they allow your bikes your swing into your car. Thule has solved all three with the Archway 2 Bike Rack. With Thule's new Hold-Fast cradles and oversized molded pads, you can be sure your bikes and your car are safe. New Hold Fast Cradles with anti-sway cages cushion the bike and protect them from scratching and damage Integrated locking cable secures bikes to the rack so you don't have to worry about sticky-fingered dirtbags TrunkLocker strap firmly secures the rack to the vehicle Long arcing tubes provide more clearance over your trunk or rear spoiler Patented FitDial with Quick-Fit lever adjusts to fit your vehicle perfectly Cinch Lever allows the bike arms to adjust independently to adapt to different frame shapes Anti-sway cages prevent bikes from swinging into each other or into your car Oversized molded pads protect your vehicle's finish - $170.96