Thompson/Center T-17 Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit - Black - $7.99

Keeping your muzzleloader clean is paramount to its performance and protection from corrosion. These cleaning products are specially engineered to clean firearms using Hodgdon Triple Seven propellants. Run the 2-1/2, bore-cleaner-saturated patches through the barrel to clean. To clean your breech plug, drop it into the cleaner, shake for 30 seconds, and wipe it down. Spray Foaming Bore Cleaner into your barrel, and let it sit an hour. It eliminates caked-on fouling and the need for brushing. Use T-17 black-powder solvent in a handy spray bottle to penetrate and remove tough residue on all muzzleloader components.Effective for black powder and black-powder substitutes. Products are available individually, or in a packaged T-17 Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit. Individual products include: Saturated Patches (per 50) Breech Plug Cleaner Foaming Bore Cleaner (7-oz. can) Black Powder Solvent (8-oz. spray) Color: Black. Type: Cleaning Accessory. - $7.99