Frigid Forage Wall Hanger Seed Blend - $49.99

This unique blend is for the serious whitetail hunter. Plant it in either the spring or late summer/early fall for a healthy mix of perennials and biennials that improve protein intake during the critical antler-growing portions of spring and summer. This mixture contains primarily long-lasting perennials, and a small percentage of forage turnips, Daikon forage radishes, rape and sugar beets to provide additional forage the first season while the alfalfa, clover, and chicory become established. These annuals protect the alfalfa and chicory because they are both susceptible to overgrazing during the critical stages of early growth. Wall Hanger is pH sensitive, so for best results ensure your soil acidity is between 6.5 and 7.5. Seeding rate is 8-10 lbs./acre. Prefers full sun, and does well in light or sandy soil.Size: 8.5-lb. bag plants 1 acre. - $49.99