Foxpro Skyote Coyote Call - $12.88

This predator-fooling call always performs even when temperatures drop well below freezing. A raised ridge on the tone board prevents the reed from freezing. Easy-to-blow and versatile, this game-changing call produces true-to-life coyote vocalizaitons, like howls and ki-yi's, in addition to an arsenal of rabbit cries and distressed prey sounds. Use the Skyote on its own or in conjunction with your e-caller to add depth and realism to your presentation. It measures 4" long, and the bell is 1-1/4" across at its opening, making it small enough to hook on your lanyard. Rugged construction stands up to harsh use in the tough conditions. .010"-thick polycarbonate reed. Includes a FREE FOXPRO keychain predator call. - $12.88