Summer Run Secrets 36-Piece Steelhead Fly Assortment - $58.99

This assortment contains a selection of patterns designed to entice even the most finicky summer run steelhead. Assortment includes two each of the following:Agent Orange (size 6), Bennett's Halo (5),Copper Swan (8),Grande Ronde River Rat (5),Irish Car Bomb (5),Maui Wowie (6),B.H. Lifter (6),Chewy Egg (6),Guinea Spider, Orange Butt (3),Twitcher (6),Low Water Green Butt, Purple (5),Jack's Train Wreck, Orange (3),Purple Green Butt (5),Ska-Opper, Black (2),Summer Run (2),Steelhead Muddler (4),Unconditional (5),Voodoo Leech, Black (2).Available: Assortment only, Assortment with Box. - $58.99