PSE Bow Madness XL Bow Kit - $799.99

Think you have to sacrifice speed and performance to shoot a single-cam bow Not anymore! At up to 332 fps IBO, the Bow Madness XL from PSE and the Drury's is changing the way people think about single-cam bows. It features the ultrasmooth Madness single cam with 36" axle-to-axle length and pre-loaded, past-parallel, X-tech split limbs. 3" draw-length adjustment without a bow press, factory installed Vibracheck backstop string suppressor and tuning marks for easy setup. Other performance-enhancing features include multiple sight mounting holes, a lightweight, fully machined riser, B.E.S.T. low-torque slim grip, asymmetric idler wheel and adjustable 80-65 let off.The Bow Madness XL Bow Kit includes: bow, TruGlo five-pin sight with light, Alpine Bear Claw five-arrow quiver, Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit rest, Sims Mini S-coil and Pro Hunter peep sight. Right-hand only.Camo pattern: Mossy Oak Treestand. - $799.99