Thetford Combination Staytion - $4.88

A money-saving, space-saving value that keeps bathroom or kitchen essentials organized in your camper, RV, cabin or home. Suction cups mount the accessories to any smooth, nonporous surface without a need for any adhesives or screws. The cups feature a red-line warning system that alerts you to any loss of suction before any items fall. Just push a button and the accessory is securely mounted again. This system includes the Storage Staytion basket for holding soap bottles, sponges, utensils and more. The Toothbrush Staytion securely holds a pair of toothbrushes. You also receive a Bar Soap Staytion that keeps your soap away from shower spray. The Spray Staytion holds a shower head or kitchen hand sprayer and allows you to position items exactly where you want them. - $4.88