Therm-ic 12V Boot Warmer 2013 - $34.99

Therm-ic 12V Boot Warmer 2013 - Small and mighty, this Therm-ic Boot Warmer 12V will do what is needed when your gloves or boots are wet, the drying time is only 2-4 hours, ideal for night drying so that you will be good to go in the morning. Because boots, shoes and gloves are considered closed end garments, they do not dry as well without the aid of dryers. This boot warmer device gently warms and dries your foot wear or gloves to ensure that you do not start your day on the slopes with moist hand wear or foot wear, that will have you starting off your glorious day on the slopes cold. Easy to travel with, use and to operate. The heat is warmed to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and has an LED indicator light that stays illuminated when in operation. Wake up knowing that your boots, gloves or shoes will be ready to go when you are. Features: Power, 12 volt DC for car version, Boot liners and boots are warmed to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 248567 - $34.99