Therm - $29.95

The Therm-a-Rest Travel Cushion is an inflatable seat cushion for long rides. The combination of urethane foam, polyester fabric, and good old lung power relieves pressure on your seat bone. Separation from an old, worn out seat on an airplane helps both the back and the legs during the flight. The whole thing rolls up for stuffing in your backpack and only weighs four ounces. You can even get yourself a second and secure them together with the hook and loop tabs for protection under your butt and at the lower back. So cushy. Features of the Therm-a-Rest Travel Cushion Drawing on our experiencein. the medical seating industry, the Travel Cushion offers both back and leg support to relieve ischial spine pressure, making long drives and flights more enjoyable Self inflating top and bottom pads allow a fine-tuned adjustment and pack easilyin.carryons for life on the go - $29.95