Therm - $14.95

The Therm-a-Rest AirTap Pump Kit is a simple valve to turn a bag or stuff sack into a pump for your air mattress. If you already have an inflation bag, just slip the valve into the hole from the inside, then slide the tube over top. The opposite end of the tube goes over the valve of your air mattress. Open the bag to full volume, then close it and slowly roll the air into the mattress. Say hello to a good night's sleep and goodbye to lightheadedness from having to use your own lung power to fill your mattress. Features of the Therm-a-Rest AirTap Pump Kit Turn any bag into a mattress inflation system Choose the included lightweight plastic bags, or go with a more permanent option-simply pierce the bottom of any air-tight bag with the piercing tip and attach the valve coupler Loft the bag, seal and roll, filling any NeoAir mattress with near zero effort or additional weight in your pack An included cap maintains waterproof Performance of lightweight stuffsacks with tap permanently in place - $14.95