Hornady Lock-N-Load Extra-Large Ultra Sonic Gun Parts Cleaner - $299.99

The powerhouse of ultrasonic cleaners, the stainless steel Ultra Sonic Gun Parts Cleaner provides a generous 4.2-quart size and twice the power of standard Lock-N-Load cleaners. Its been specially designed with shooters in mind, excelling at cleaning pistol barrels, AR bolts, muzzleloader breech plugs and other metal gun parts with hands-free ease. Two 60-watt sonic transducers provide superior cleaning uniformity compared to single-transducer models. Adjustable heating element allows you to dial in the correct temperature (68F to 175F) for maximized cleaning efficiency without damaging components sensitive to overheating. Durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel housing. Tight-mesh basket construction lets you clean smaller metal parts. Zero- to 20-minute timer. Tank capacity: 4.2 quarts. Tank dimensions: 3-34H x 11-34W x 5-34D. - $299.99