The North Face Slant Glove - $34.95

You spend thousands to shave grams from your bike. Then you just wear whatever gear you have laying around, as if that weight matters less than the weight of your bike. Nobody's running around weighing mountain bike clothing, but it's easy to tell when something is badly overbuilt. Gimmicks can weigh you down. That's why we appreciate a design like The North Face Slant Glove. Not to say the Slant is strippedfar from it. But it isn't the bloated, obese, gimmick-riddled corpse that so many designs have become.In the name of simplicity, The North Face resisted the temptation to add hardshell knuckle protection to the Slant. It also decided against rubberized finger guards and a big, wraparound wrist tab. Instead, a small hook-and-loop tab takes care of fit adjustments, and, as for knuckle protection, The North Face trusts that you will resist the urge to punch a tree. What it does include, however, is breathable mesh on the back of the hands and finger-walls. Gel palm pads reduce the fatigue-inducing effects of shock and vibration. A fingertip brake grip pattern adds a bit of much-appreciated traction for your brake fingers. Strategic palm perforations increase airflow, and of course, the ever-present thumb nose wipe takes care of sweaty foreheads and runny noses.The North Face Slant Glove comes in X-Small through X-Large. It's available in TNF White/TNF black or TNF Black. - $34.95