The North Face Dirt Merchant Glove - $39.95

When mountain biking, the pinky and ring finger are exposed to impact from tight trails, the middle and index fingers need to seamlessly connect with controls, and the palm requires a firm grip. Gloves can help in any of these aspects, but few can do all, and then some, as competently as The North Face's Dirt Merchant Glove. Take, for example, the protecting 2mm neoprene along the back of the hand at the outer-most area of the Dirt Merchant. When dicing through tight forests or squeezing through desert rock formations, the pinky and ring extremities are covered. Then The North Face follows up with a stretchy and breathable nylon/elastane stretch mesh along the back-of-the-hand for the index and middle fingers. This, along with mesh finger-walls, ensures your hands stay cool. But more importantly, the freedom of movement from elastane guarantees that when neurons fire, shifting and braking are instant and uninterrupted. For positive engagement, silicon grippers give the Dirt Merchant's durable synthetic suede excellent grip. Nylon and polyester are used to produce the synthetic suede for the palm, with its blend optimized for durability and tactility. This, as well as extensive reinforcement, offers strength for breaking falls, yet essential trail feedback is not lost to padding or fabric bunching. The North Face also perforates the palm for added, cooling airflow Finishing the Dirt Merchant's technical features is a soft microfiber thumb panel. The North Face provides five sizes from X-Small through X-Large. Two colors are available; Centennial Red, and Asphalt Grey. - $39.95