The North Face Denali Thermal Girls Ski Gloves - $29.00

The North Face Denali Thermal Girls Ski Gloves - Created by The North Face, the Denali thermal girls Casual Gloves are made for junior outdoor individuals that want a classic looking pair of gloves that will are well insulated with high loft fleece for maximum warmth while on the slopes, in the park, skating on the lake or sledding on a much appreciated snow day. The 5 dimensional fit technology uses five measurements taken from a single index point at the heel of the hand, this pair of gloves has been built from the inside out to ensure a consistent size no matter what the use that this pair of gloves are intended for. Another feature is the radiametric articulation technology that uses a unique differential fabric pattern that produces built-in, natural articulation, mirroring the relaxed position of the hand while improving warmth and blood flow to your fingers keeping them comfortable and toasty warm all day long. The elastic wrists seal keeps out the cold and the unwanted snow while the synthetic gripper palms add durability and strength so you can grab your board or your ski poles over and over without tearing. This pair of Denali Thermal Junior Ski Gloves have built-in-class comfort, warmth, dexterity and design all wrapped into this one junior ski gloves just for girls. . Removable Liner: No, Material: Polyester High Loft Fleece with Nylon Taslan Overlay, Warranty: Lifetime, Battery Heated: No, Race: No, Type: Glove, Use: Casual, Wristguards: No, Outer Material: Fleece, Waterproof: No, Breathable: Yes, Pipe Glove: N - $29.00