Northland Impulse Dip-Stick Worm - $2.88

The No.1 choice of many professional anglers for Texas and Wacky rig setups. The soft and meaty sticklike body features realistic worm ribbing and its infused with weighted SinkerSalt formula that results in a faster sink rate than conventional worms. This lure is supercharged with Impulse instinctual attractant and a baked-in Micro-Plankton formula to provide fish with the flavor needed to get them to hang on longer, giving you ample time to set the hook. Per 8.Size: 5.Colors: (003)Black, (035)Black Blue, (040)Green Pumpkin, (041)Watermelon Red, (054)Watermelon Seed, (059)Camo, (081)White Shad. - $2.88