The Jersey Project Book - $29.95

Bill Humphreys was part of a team of riders who paved the way for US cycling when they travelled across the Atlantic to compete in the 1973 Tour of Ireland. The journey opened the door for other young American cyclists heading to Europe to race, eventually leading to the participation of Jock Boyer, the first American to ride the Tour, and Greg Lemond, the first American to win it. The Jersey Project came about after Humphreys became fascinated by a new book called 'Koerstrui.' Featured in the book were hundreds of photographs of cycling jerseys from sixty years of racing, collaborated by the author John Van Ierland and Henk Theuns, a large jersey collection owner. Humphreys saw the potential to add American jerseys, history, and detail to the existing collection, and he also wanted to translate it into English. The collection of jersey photos includes details about the riders who wore them in competition, as well as presenting a history of both the sport and eras past. The jerseys reflect the printing techniques employed at the time, commercial backers, and even cultural influences at given periods in history. The book is more than one just about US cycling. Jerseys from Europe, and elsewhere around the world, are devoted to the book's second half. In addition to this, there are numerous rider profiles, interesting statistics, quirky anecdotes, and more. The book pays homage to cycling jerseys, styles, and eras of the sport's past, making it a highly recommended addition to any cycling library. After all, it's in ours. - $29.95