Primos Cutter Diaphragm Turkey Call 3-Pack - $13.99

The Cutter 3-Pack is a money-saving way to see which call works best for you. All produce crisp cuts and raspy yelps. Includes Sonic Dome Triple with Bat Cut, A-Frame Double with Double Cut, A-Frame Triple with Bat Cut and See Thru mouth call case. Simple and dependable - You're going to love the way the Sonic Dome Triple with Bat Cut works. Designed so the call is automatically positioned correctly in your mouth. The dome gives you a consistent distance between the reeds and the roof of the dome, for an incredibly consistent sound. Boasts three latex reeds with Bat Cut in top reed. Perfect for high-impact yelps, purrs, cutts, and clucks. The A-Frame series uses a patent pending process to trap the reeds and keep the perfect amount of tension, so the call will sound great over time. The A-Frame is contoured to fit your mouth. When you try an A-Frame, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to use. - $13.99