Us Divers Coral Youth Set - $39.99

The affordable Coral Youth Set, custom-made for young snorkelers, brings together a crystal-clear mask, a high-quality snorkel, fins and a convenient gear bag. Set Includes: The Coral Mask features a one-window design and its three-way, adjustable Pro-Glide buckles hold mask firmly in place for leakproof performance. The submersible Island Dry Jr. Snorkel, equipped with Dry-Top Tech, keeps water out while diving, and its one-way purge valve makes clearing out water quick and simple. The contoured barrel is ergonomically shaped for youths and small adults. The Hingeflex Jr. Fins, equipped with Pivot-Flex Technology, deliver excellent propulsion and a secure fit. The Gear Bag, made to fit, transport and store the set, boasts a mesh panel that helps air-dry gear after use. Youth sizes: S(1-3), L(3-6). Color: Sky Blue. - $39.99