Teva Fuse-Ion Water Shoes Grey Morn - Women's - $62.95

We spend an awful lot of time around people that live for adventure. When we asked them for the biggest problem with high-performance shoes, we kept hearing the same one: "I can't wear them to the bar." So, what'd we do? We designed a shoe that they would gladly wear to the bar, then we figured out a way to make it the highest performing water shoe ever built. No big deal.Key Features of the Teva Fuse-Ion Water Shoes: Our Spider Rubber + JStep outsole will stick to a grease-covered aluminum ramp (true story). Wet rocks won't be a problem. Drain Frame™ sheds water like a sieve, keeping your sandals dry and light The perforations in the sole were done with freakin' laser beams (no sharks though) Synthetic upper - $62.95