Terry Redlin Jigsaw Puzzles - $14.99

Theres nothing quite like the brilliant hues and heart-warming scenes captured in a Terry Redlin print to add a bit of warmth to your home. And theres no better way to pass a cold winter day spent inside than putting together one of these nostalgic puzzles featuring popular Redlin prints. All are 1,000 pieces and measure 24 x 30 when assembled. For Ages 10+. Available: Morning Surprise: On a quiet autumn morning, the children have begun their chores. Suddenly, the silence is broken by five mallards flying low through the trees and the children look up in hopes of catching a glimpse of the excitement. As quickly as it came, the moment passes and all that can be heard is the rotating squeak of the nearby windmill. Morning Warmup: As dawn breaks, a canoe-topped sedan and a trailer loaded down with decoys chug up to Leslies Blacksmith Shop and Sports Store. Friendly farmers in bib overalls and fancily clad townspeople huddle together in a merry group to warm themselves beside the glowing forge. Sunday Morning: On this serene morning, all of Gods creatures are gathering. The humans arrive in cars and buggies. Deer slowly stir and cows amble toward their morning drink. Suddenly, the calf becomes aware of the strangers across the stream and the animal kingdom slowly begins to stir. High above the church steeple, startled by the ringing bells, the pigeons scatter as both the cows and deer go about their business. Evening Rendezvous: Visitors have already reached the rendezvous point and set up camp. Now, the remaining family members take one last canoe ride, gliding gracefully beneath the falling sun. Winter Wonderland:On this magical winter evening, the wind is still and the temperature mild enough for kids to fashion both snowmen and snow forts. - $14.99