Terminator Titanum Rig - Stainless Steel - $11.88

Better, stronger and longer lasting than similar baits. The secret is a patented SnapBack titanium-wire frame that wont break and is highly resistant to bending, always snapping back to its original form without having to re-bend any wires. A rugged coupler minnow head securely locks the rigs arms in place to perfectly mimic a vulnerable small school of baitfish. Black nickel finish helps mask wire visibility. A longer center wire imitates a straggler. A stainless steel ring at the base of the head slides down the wires to compress them for convenient storage. Per each. Size: 8. Colors: (006)Blue Shad, (092)Crappie. Color: Stainless Steel. Type: Umbrella Rigs. - $11.88