Terminator Swim Jig - PERCH (1/4 OZ) - $1.88

A versatile jig that lets you fish the cover and structure you know hold big fish without fear of a lot of hang-ups and snags. A brush guard deflects rocks, weeds and timber away from the 30 VMC hook. The jigs balanced swimming head permits a variety of presentation options swim it, bounce it off the bottom or pull it through weeds. A wire trailer keeper helps keep bait on the jig. Thinly dressed and accented QuickSkirt adds attraction without hiding your bait. Per each.Size: 1/4 oz.Colors: (081)Silver Shiner, (082)Emerald Shiner, (085)Black/Blue, (086)Black/Blue/Purple, (087)Perch, (088)Sunfish. Type: Bass Jigs. Size 1/4 Oz. Color Perch. - $1.88