Tempress Access Slam Hatch - White (11 x 15) - $72.99

Tempress Access Hatches are ideal for creating all types of storage, baitwells or livewells and electrical-line or fuel-line access points. The corrosion-resistant hatch cover and flange feature an integral hinge and latch closing system that combine with a weathertight O-ring seal to ensure stored items stay dry and protected. The hatches are designed for either vertical of horizontal installation and are structurally reinforced for heavy traffic areas. Comes with a single spring-clip lock latch. Available: 11 X 15 outside, requires 8-5/8 x 12-1/2 cutout; 13 X 23 outside, requires 10-3/4 x 20-3/4 cutout. Color: White. Size: 11 x 15. Color: White. Type: Access Slam Hatch. - $72.99