Tempress 1115 Access Hatch with Cam Latch - White (11 x 15 (White)) - $65.99

Tempress Access Hatches are ideal for creating all types of storage, baitwells or livewells and electrical-line or fuel-line access points. The corrosion-resistant hatch cover and flange feature an integral hinge and cam-latch closing system that combine with a weathertight O-ring seal to ensure stored items stay dry and protected. The hatches are designed for either vertical of horizontal installation and are structurally reinforced for heavy traffic areas. Hatch comes with one cam latch. Hatch size: 11 x 15 outside; requires 8-5/8 x 12-1/2 cutout. Colors: Gray, White. Size: 11 x 15 (White). Color: White. Type: Access Hatch with Cam Latch. - $65.99