Tecnica Nylon MoonBoot Womens Boots - $59.95

Tecnica Nylon MoonBoot Womens Boots - July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin were getting ready to step down from the Apollo 11 spacecraft and into what future generations would consider an epic moment. Man's first landing on the moon. Then came the Moon Boot. Extremely successful right from it's launch, the Moon Boot's unmistakable rounded shape that is both ergonomic and practical plus the well-documented capacity to evolve and reinterpret new visual trends have made the Moon Boot an international symbol of creativity. Tecnica's Moon Boot features a nylon shell that keeps the elements out, a soft interior lining and full-length wraparound lacing. The outsole is synthetic to provide traction and stability. People love the Moon Boot for wear after skiing because of the incredible warmth and comfort they provide after a long day out on the slopes and during everyday winter activities. The bright colors really pop on dreary winter days - so add of splash of color to your winter with the Moon Boot! . Warranty: One Year, Waterproof: Yes, Material: Nylon Upper, Type: Boot, Insulated: No, Sole Material: Rubber, Model Year: 2013, Product ID: 205731 - $59.95