Tecnica Demon 100 Air Shell Ski Boots - $249.95

Tecnica Demon 100 Air Shell Ski Boots - Borrowing it's geometry from the Inferno boots the Demon 100 Air Shell widens things up 2mm for a high performing boot with an extra level of comfort. At a 100 flex with it's powerful stance the Demon 100 AS is an ideal boot for solid intermediate and lighter weight advanced skiers. It also gets Air Shell Technology, which allows you to inflate an air bladder system that snugs the boot up as needed down to a 98mm last. Air Shell not only helps to fill any voids around your foot but by adding an extra layer of air also increases foot warmth. Using a rather upright stance and a lower ramp angle the Demon has a relaxed feel to it with very progressive flex profile to work better with modern ski shaping, including rocker. Inside the Demon 100 AS is an UltraFit Liner for superior heel hold with a calculated balance between performance and remaining comfortable skiing all day. On the comfort front the Demon uses Quick Instep, a co-molded area of soft plastic over the instep, and a hinged instep catch to eliminate boot bite for smooth and painless entry and exit. The Demon 100 AS is also outfitted with all the necessary features to quickly tweak things for your foot by getting cuff alignment, four microadjustable buckles, a 45mm powerstrap, flex adjustment, and an adjustable spoiler. With all these fine tuning adjustments the Demon 100 Air Shell guarantees a snug and proper fit from toes to calf. Features: Rear Velcro Spoiler - Adjustable And Removable, 45mm Velcro Powerstrap, Four - $249.95