Tech4o Women's Accelerator Running Watch - $64.99

Accelerate your workouts and monitor your progress when running, hiking, walking and more. Simply remove the watch from the box, push any button, and the quick-start menu customizes your watch for performance-tracking ease. Adjustable LCD levels. Key Tone on/off. Power-saving mode. Water-resistant up to 150 ft. Runs on a CR2032 battery (included). Imported.Features and Modes: Pedometer - Measures with 95% accuracy. Advanced accelerator distinguishes between running and walking. It calculates and records up to 10 daily records containing exercise time, distance, step, maximum speed, average speed and calories. Personal Profile - Customizes your watch to your body and walking/running style. Chronograph - Records exact results within 1/100th of a second. Countdown Timer - Set goals and reminders while exercising. Stride Calculator - Automatically calculates your stride, then sets your pace. Alternative Time Zone - Great for travelers, it allows users to set and display alternative time zones. Daily Alarm - Set daily reminders to wake up and stay on task. Case diameter: 1.25. Colors: Black Iris, Vapor, Sky, Periwinkle, Sorbet, Carnation. - $64.99