Tech4o Traileader Pro Watch - $199.99

Wired for adventure, the Tech40 Traileader Pro Watch accurately monitors your heart rate and measures speed and distance, allowing you to build endurance while out on the trail. Its digital compass guides you through dense cover, and its barometer helps you monitor changing weather conditions. It even syncs with your PC. Water-resistant up to 30 ft. Adjustable LCD levels. Displays time, date and day. Two alarms. Key Tone on/off. Low battery indicator. Runs on CR2032 battery (included). Imported.Features and Modes: Speed and Distance - The accelerometer sensor detects changes in your movement and translates them into varying degrees of electric current within the sensor. The Tech40 instantly translates these currents into accurate measurements of speed and distance. Records your speed, distance and pace with accurate precision. Heart Rate Measurement - 2.4GHz transfer speed with on/off heart rate alert. Digital Compass - 1 increment resolution with declination setting, distortion warning and cardinal-direction display Altimeter - Monitors current altitude, total ascent and descent. Barometer - Displays the current pressure with a weather-forecasting feature. Log Book with PC Link - Stores 3,000 records with statistical data for each segment. Case diameter: 1.87". - $199.99