Tatonka Cartridge Co. New United States Military Cartridge Collection with .50 BMG Display - $139.99

Spanning over 130 years of adopted ammunition by our United States Armed Forces, this cartridge collection includes a wide variety of handgun, rifle, shotshell and machine-gun calibers. The collection includes early black-powder Colt handgun ammunition, Springfields Trapdoors and Spencers repeaters that were tested by Abraham Lincoln himself. Other interesting finds include Roosevelts 30-40 Krag., World War I and II 30 Govt., .45 ACP and the feared 12-ga. trench gun of World War I, John Brownings. 50 BMG and much more. A one-of-a-kind gift that pays tribute to the greatest military in the world. Each cartridges is mounted in a handsome wood-framed plaque. 11.4H x 17.5W. Type: Cartridge Display Boards. - $139.99