Taser C2 Gold Kit - $399.99

Drop assailants from up to 15-ft. away with the popular Taser C2, and get all the accessories you need for repeated activations, concealed carrying and honing your aim. This all-in-one kit includes the Taser C2, two live cartridges with 15-ft. leads, one training cartridge, one practice target and a holster. Developed with law enforcement to be simple and fool proof in stressful situations, the C2 features an ergonomic body with instinctive controls for split-second activation. An integrated LED flashlight and laser sight also deliver fast target acquisition. The C2 delivers a 30-second jolt that disables attackers when activated, giving you the chance to get away. As a backup, the C2 can also be activated by contact in close-quarters defense like a tradition stun gun. LPM battery pack holds a charge for more than 50 activations (included). Lightweight, low-profile design measures 5.5L x 1.25W x 2.10H. Manual and training disk included. Made in USA.Colors: Black, Pink. - $399.99