Tarantula B.A.C. Quiver Series 2 - $89.88

All the features and benefits of the Series 1 Quiver with the added convenience of a removable pouch organizer that has six separate compartments. This is a feature-loaded quiver you carry on your back that allows complete right- and left-handed access to arrows. Remove and replace arrows without having to take off the quiver. The adjustable fletching cover will accommodate most arrows between 25" and 32" long. Fully adjustable shoulder straps, belt and chest straps keep the quiver stabilized. A durable aluminum broadhead cover enhances safety. There's even a treestand loop for hanging arrows close by while you're in a stand or blind. With a capacity of 400 cu. in., the pouch is perfect for a wrench set, extra nocks, points and other accessories.Overall length: 34". - $89.88