Simmons Whitetail 4MP Camera - 2-pack - $129.88

Take advantage of the Simmons rebate, save money and get two of these 4MP trail cameras to record wildlife action day or night. With an astounding six-months of battery life, a quick trigger speed and up to 32GB of memory, these cameras offer a perfect blend of performance, value and dependability. Motion sensors boast a range of 25 feet. The infrared nightvision 15 LEDs are virtually invisible to game with a flash range of 30 feet. Each camera runs on four AA batteries (not included). Per 2. Resolution settings: 2, 4MP.PIR sensor: 25ft.Night vision flash: 15led, 30ft.Battery life: 6 monthsVideo mode: YesSD capacity: 32GB. Type: Infrared. - $129.88