Tahoe Zephyr 12' 6" Stand Up Paddleboard - $1,528.93

Grab your paddle, hop on the Tahoe Zephyr 12' 6" stand up paddleboard and head out across the water. Besides providing a new way to get on the water, paddleboarding develops core muscles and balance-it's the perfect training activity for surfers, skiers and paddlers. Full displacement hull glides easily and reduces fatigue over long distances thanks to a double-concave design. Double concave starts at the nose and gradually flattens toward the tail. Extremely stable 29 in. width offers an easy introduction to stand up paddling. Durable, high-quality construction offers excellent flotation. Hand-crafted EPS epoxy and fiberglass composite is vacuum bagged to create an exceptionally light, strong board. Vacuum bagging eliminates excess resin and air by squeezing the resin into the fiberglass cloth. Bamboo deck increases durability of the Zephyr and looks great underfoot. High-density, 0.25 in. foam pad offers comfort underfoot and high traction. 8 tie-down points secure dry bags, deck bags or other accessories. Soft carry handle at center of board makes transport to the water a breeze. - $1,528.93