Tahoe Rubicon LT Stand Up Paddleboard - 12' - $1,273.93

The Tahoe Rubicon LT 12 stand up paddleboard combines the stability of a large, high-volume board with a flatwater touring design. Besides providing a new way to get on the water, paddleboarding develops core muscles and balance-it's the perfect training activity for surfers, skiers and paddlers. Full displacement hull glides easily and reduces fatigue over long distances thanks to a double-concave design. Double concave starts at the nose and gradually flattens toward the tail. Hard rails at the tail of the board enhance maneuverability when turning, and soft rails at the nose support stability and glide. Durable, high-quality construction offers excellent flotation. Features an expanded polystyrene core wrapped in an internal layer of fiberglass/epoxy resin, 3mm PVC sheet, exterior fiberglass/epoxy resin and a surface coating. A PVC stringer runs down the center of the core to increase stiffness and responsiveness. Extremely stable 30 in. width offers an easy introduction to stand up paddleboarding. High-density, 0.25 in. foam pad offers high traction and comfort underfoot, making it easy to reposition your feet to execute tight turns. Multiple tie-down points secure dry bags, deck bags or other accessories. Soft carry handle at center of board eases the transport of the 31 lb. Tahoe Rubicon LT stand up paddleboard. - $1,273.93