Tacx Tao Carbon Cage and Bottle - $45.00

When every gram counts, you can't be riding with bulky bottle cages. However, while most cage options average around 40 grams and up, the Tacx Tao Carbon Cage only tips the scales around a svelte 29 grams. So, for the weight conscious competitor, the race day hydration holder choice is more than clear. As its name suggests, the Tao Carbon Cage is constructed from carbon fiber. So, with weight as a non-issue, Tacx turned its attention to cage shape and design. You'll notice that the Tao features a distinctive figure-eight shape. Basically, this shape provides a firm hold on the bottle, however, it also provides ample top-room for grabbing the bottle. Lightweight and accessible -- what more could you ask for' The Tacx Tao Carbon Cage is available in the color Carbon/black and in one size. It attaches to nearly any frame with a standard two-hole mounting system. Additionally, we're throwing in a Tacx water bottle with every purchase of the Tao Carbon Cage. These bottles will be picked from an assortment, so, you might get either a Source, Shiva, or Shanti. Who doesn't love surprises' - $45.00