Tactical Archery Systems S.A.B.O. Gen2 Holographic Bow Sight - $129.88

Inspired by U.S. military technology to quickly acquire a target and aiming point. This archery application uses a superimposed Ambient Ballistic Optic that generates aiming dots using ambient light gathered by fiber optics. The sight is legal in all 50 states and also Pope Young legal because no electronics are needed for it to work. The dots are projected into a specially coated concave lens to magnify the intensity of the fiber optics and generate superimposed holographic dots that appear to "float" in the lens. This helps archers track their point of aim. Fibers are held in a ballistic configuration by a patent-pending design that allows for independent adjustment of the range points (20, 30, 40 yards, etc.). The dots will always show arrow alignment with an impact point, no matter what angle they are viewed from. Aligning the top dot with the tip of the lens triangle ensures proper form execution and consistent anchor point for unsurpassed accuracy. This sight offers the industry's first and only independently adjustable, zero-parallax yardage dots. Right-hand only. Weight: 9.8 oz. - $129.88