Syntace Torque Wrench - $236.50

Torque spec is more than just a mere suggestion given to you by a parts manufacturer. The breaking of parts due to over tightening can void your warranty, especially on carbon parts. Take the guess work out of installing new parts on your sweet ride and invest in the Syntace Torque Wrench. A great addition to anyone's tool box, the Syntace Torque Wrench is highly accurate and comes with a range of 1-20 Nm with a dual scale for newton-meters and pound-inches. The small size of the wrench, 220mm long, makes it ideal for use on your bicycle, fitting easily into small spaces. Easy to adjust, the Syntace Torque Wrench features a swing-out lever for adjusting the level of torque. The 1/4 inch drive fits standard sockets, so no specialty parts are required. The accuracy of this torque wrench is backed by the certificated of calibration that comes with it, which guarantees it to be +/- 4%. - $236.50