Swix Oval Coarse Bronze Brush 2017 - $59.95

Before waxing your skis or snowboard it is very important to remove any old wax and open the pores of the base to receive the new wax. This is best done with a few passes tip to tail with the Oval Coarse Bronze Brush. If you would like to maximize the use of each brush the Coarse Bronze brush can also be used as the first brush after waxing and scraping too. This brush by Swix is made with Course Bronze .18mm diameter bristles, along with a row of black nylon bristles around the outside edge as sweepers for wax particles. The Oval Course Bronze Brush has a convenient adjustable Velcro strap to secure your hand in place for easy use. Oval Paddle Brush with Hand Strap, Best used before waxing to remove old wax and open the pores and base structure., Also can be used as a first brush after waxing and scraping., Swix Recommends: 10 passes before waxing to clean out the structure., Shape: Oval, Bristle Type: Metal, Model Year: 2017, Product ID: 178411, Model Number: T0158O, GTIN: 7045951415094 - $59.95