Swix Epic Wax and Tuning Kit - $475.96

See all that powder outside your bedroom window' You'll be able to enjoy it more when your alpine skis are properly waxed. The Swix Epic Wax and Tuning Kit gives you the tools you need to do the deed, from collapsible table to technical manual to iron and more. And since tuning isn't just about waxing (your edges need love, too), Swix included the clamps and a basic side and edge tool for dialing in a razor-sharp edge that can handle any iciness you might encounter at the mountain. This kit is ideal for those just getting into the world of ski maintenance, racers who need a bare-bones travel kit, or anyone with maintenance-hungry skis but limited working space in their living quarters. Nordic skiers could also consider this kit a good starting place, since the included tuning table and clamps are set up to accept cross-country waxing profiles, and you can give the edge tools and universal wax to an alpine-ski friend. - $475.96