Swix BP77 Base Prep Cold Wax 2014 - $31.95

Swix BP77 Base Prep Cold Wax 2014 - In the early season its important to get many coats of wax into the bases of your new skis and get that P-tex hydrated so it will run fast all season long. Using the Swix BP77 Base Prep wax can save you some money on wax for the dozens of coats that will be melted in even before the snow flies for the season. Base Prep 77 wax is designed for colder temperatures, perfect for pacific north west, mid-west and east coast racers. This wax is also a great one to use when your parents ask you to throw a coat of wax on their skis too. . Bearing Grade: High Performance, Snow Temperature: Universal, Actual Temperature Range: Not Specified, Wax Form: Block, Size: 180g, Model Year: 2014, Product ID: 205381, Model Number: BP077-18, GTIN: 7045951300130 - $31.95